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KCP’s Cement business is over 60+ years old with manufacturing plants in Macherla & Muktyala in the state Andhra Pradesh with captive supply of high grade limestone and producing a combined annual capacity of 4.3 million tons of the finest quality premium grade cement in India.

KCP’s Cement has been primarily targeted towards large national infrastructural development projects by supplying large quantities of high quality cement to various large projects like the Nagarjuna Sagar dam, Srisailam dam, Godavari Rail Road bridge and more recently the Polavaram irrigation project and Sri Kanakadurgamma Flyover project in Vijayawada. With its high quality and standards, It is the most preferred brand for building columns, beams, slabs and other concrete construction applications hence KCP Cement is predominantly known as Concrete Cement.

KCP’s cement is sold under various brands namely KCP Cement - Grade 53 Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) & Shreshtaa - Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC). Cement is sold in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Orissa. Cement is also exported to Sri Lanka, Bangladesh & Myanmar.

Macherla Cement Plant:

Commissioned in 1958, it is one of India’s oldest cement plants and India’s Ist dry process Kiln with technology from KHD Humboldt, Germany. With an initial annual capacity of 200 tons, it has been expanded & modernized to a current annual capacity of 0.8 million tons with technology from Fives Lille, France and later FLSmidth, Denmark (Fuller Inc, USA). This plant also incorporates a state of art centralized process control system using hardware and software from FLSmidth Automation, Denmark for optimisation and enhanced productivity.

In 1999 an 8.25 MW Hydel Power Plant was set up on the Nagarjuna Sagar Dam right canal (on Guntur branch) for generating clean & sustainable power. A 2.3 MW Waste Heat Recovery Power plant was set up by utilizing waste gases exhausted from the kiln preheater and cooler chimneys.

Muktyala Cement Plant:

A Greenfield plant commissioned in 2011 is one of India’s most modern, highly automated, cost efficient and Eco Friendly plant with an annual capacity 1.86 million tons expandable to 3.5 million tons. Built with world class Pyroprocessing technology from KHD Humboldt, Germany, Grinding technology from GEBR Pfeifer, Germany and Plant Automation & Automated Packing technology from FLSmidth, Denmark, world leaders in Cement plant technologies.

In 2019, the plant capacity was expanded to 3.52 million tonnes per annum by the addition of a 2nd line of operation by replicating the Pyroprocessing of the 1st line and adding grinding technology from Loesche, Germany.

This plant has state of art bag filters and enclosures with noise silencers for process fans that combine to keep dust emission and sound levels below national standard levels.

The plant is also enhanced with Captive Power Generation of about 20 MW (Thermal & Solar) with turbines from Siemens, Germany.

This plant is one of the few integrated cement plants in India with all ISO quality certifications namely ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 & ISO 50001. This journey of producing high quality cement with environmental responsibility has resulted in many national and International awards for energy conservation, cost reduction, safety, health and environment from the government and other reputed agencies.

Arakkonam Cement Packing Plant (Coming Soon)

Located at Arakkonam, Tamilnadu which is around 78 km from north east of Chennai and 80 km from Vellore is a strategic location to distribute cement across all major markets in Tamilnadu.

The plant has a installed capacity of 0.5 Million tons per annum and is equipped with state of art technology like high efficiency separator for processing raw fly ash, advanced continuous single shaft blender for blending OPC and Processed Fly Ash at precise proportion, Electronic Roto Packer for 50 kg bag packing with an automated weighment facility. Bulk cement requirements with bulker trucks are also available.

The plant uses bag filters for all its main stacks and has very low emission levels, well below Indian standards.

This plant delivers freshly blended, consistent quality cement for the local regions construction demands in residential, commercial, ready-mix concrete and other building materials projects.

The various grades of cement that we produce along with its suitable applications are given below:

Cement Type
BIS Specification
Ordinary Portland Cement
53 Grade
IS : 269 - 2015
Ideally used for quality constructions and structure to withstand greater loads.
Ordinary Portland Cement
53-S Grade
IS : 269 - 2015
Ideally used for Railway Sleeper manufacturing and Special applications.
Ordinary Portland Cement Strength Class
42.5 N
Sri Lanka Standards 107 : 2015 (Part I)
Export Quality Cement as per Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI)
Ordinary Portland Cement
43 Grade
IS : 269 - 2015
Ideally used for general concrete construction to withstand normal loads.
Pozzolana Portland Cement (Fly Ash Cement)
IS : 1489 (Part I) 2015
Recommended for all applications where heat of hydration is required to be low.
Rapid Hardening Portland Cement
IS : 8041 - 1990
Recommended for Civil Engineering and structural concrete; High strength concrete. Pre-casting and Ready-MIX; projects where high early strength is required.


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