Our Legacy

KCP Founder Sri V. Ramakrishna – From a valued empire to an empire of values.
His Majesty’s Government conferred the CIE, ‘Companion of the Indian Empire’ Award on Sri V. Ramakrishna for his sterling administrative record as a member of the elite Indian Civil Service, an honour shared with individuals appointed on the force of ‘their own abilities and industry’, and those who had received the ‘most finished education’ that Great Britain could offer. Truly deserving of this decoration, he, as a civil servant of the British Crown, brought distinction to every post he held before bidding goodbye to Government service as Ex-Officio Secretary to the Government of the erstwhile Madras Presidency. Later, he took up the reins of a sugar cooperative and stewarded his company to health and prosperity. Even as his sugar factory kept expanding and modernizing year after year, V. Ramakrishna opened his engineering workshop and went into collaboration with France’s Fives Lille Cail for the manufacture of sugar plants, a great leap indeed.
‘We will melt iron for our needs, We will forge plants for the future’
Driving down monsoon battered roads in the North Chennai industrial suburb of Tiruvottriyur, you come across one of the ancient villages of hallowed memory that went on to make up the northern limits of the city. When you traverse the level-crossing, a formidable bottleneck during peak hours of road and rail traffic, you chance upon KCP’s 130-acre complex of heavy engineering, one of India’s largest integrated manufacturing facilities neatly laid out amidst an enclave of green. A masterpiece that is truly a beacon of the benefits of private enterprise!
Cementing the future with assurance. From Macherla to Nagarjunasagar and far ahead.
Once the project got the assent and got on board Sri K.L.Rao, member of the Central Water and Power Commission to direct its design, it was V. Ramakrishna who went about the herculean task of building, with the needed cement at hand. He had planned for a high-tech cement plant in Macherla, 13 km away from the dam in construction, and chock-a-block with the limestone reserves needed for cement production. KCP had a joint venture from 1984 with Fuller International for the manufacture of large-sized cement plants and mineral processing equipment. This performed extremely well and paid rich dividends back to the company. In 1995, KCP began a collaboration with Fives-Cail-Babcock, subsequently Fives Lille Cail for the manufacture of sugar-producing equipment. In 1990-91, as Vice President of Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and then as FICCI president, KCP Chairman Sri Dr. Dutt led a delegation to Vietnam for the supply of machinery to revamp the country’s sugar plants.
KCP Technologies Limited was formed in 2000, making another diversification to the world of information technology. The idea was to marry information technology to the expertise that KCP Limited already had in its core fields of cement, sugar, engineering and the wider applications that involved offering IT solutions to the clients. In 2006, a Wind Power Generating Unit was set up in the Uthumalai village in the Tirunelveli District of Tamil Nadu. After having been chary of expanding on the cement production front for quite some time, the company decided on a new plant at Muktyala in the Krishna district. With the increase in power requirement and a supply system that could not keep up with the pace, KCP, like its traditions, adopted newer technologies that could conserve natural resources. A solar plant of 1.1MW was set up in 2013, and the company later installed a thermal power plant as well. As a part of their well-defined diversification plans, KCP enhanced its value and improved its corporate visibility and brand image by setting up a prestigious Four Star business hotel in Hyderabad. Executive director Smt. Kavitha Dutt Chitturi added her aesthetic nuances to the interiors as well. On 18th February 2019, the Commencement of Commercial Operations at Line 2, Muktyala Cement Plant, Ramakrishnapuram, Muktyala, Andhra Pradesh occurred. Also, the company enhanced the cement production capacity at Muktyala from 1.86 MTPA to 3.52 MTPA by the addition of a Brownfield Cement Unit.
At KCP, the emphasis centres around the process of creation, the growth of magnificent machines, and the birth of the revolutionary. As a new world awaits to be born in the new millennium, and a new generation awaits to come of age, greater vistas beckon the company. With generations of corporate and human values as anchors and as the guiding compass, this great conglomerate looks towards widening its horizons.