KCP, as a company, cares deeply for the improvement and development of community infrastructure. Over the years, a few diverse infrastructure activities have been implemented, and the KCP team has considerately contributed their expertise, knowledge and skill sets at various locations in Andhra Pradesh.
Drinking Water RO Plant:
Reverse Osmosis (RO) water plants have been installed in various places like Terala village, Macherla Town, Muktyala Village, Mangolla village and Mandadi in Andhra Pradesh.
Water Pipelines:
Drinking Drinking water pipelines have been laid in various locations in the Macherla and Muktyala villages in Andhra Pradesh.
Sewage Treatment:
The company did work for a drainage work setup for the 13th ward of Macherla in Andhra Pradesh.
Sanitation Infrastructure:
KCP has supported the Smart Village Program by way of distribution of cement and bricks to the beneficiaries for construction of toilets in Muktyala Village in 2015. This activity is unique as it has motivated the villagers to opt for complete sanitation and eradicate the concept of open defecation.
Roads & Buildings:
The company contributed extensively towards the laying of roads, especially to ease the congestion on the Vijayawada – Machilipatnam highway.
Smart Village Project:
In 2014, KCP adopted the Muktyala Village, Jaggayyapeta Mandal, Krishna District in Andhra Pradesh to make it an Integrated Smart Village. Various activities in the village have been initiated towards this goal. Some of these activities are:
  • The Swachh Bharat Program in the village and its schools
  • Construction of toilets
  • Adult Literacy Programmes
  • Women Self-Employment
  • Green Village Programmes
  • Donation of Concrete Bricks
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